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Modern Precision prides itself on being the company that professionally caters to your needs in precision molding and injection molding.

We have a great number of manufacturing machines and a strong design team.

We see ourselves as a master molder of fitness accessories such as straps and casings, mobile phones,telephones, water pumps and medical products, etc.

Moreover, Modern Precision's service is divided into three clear phases: Prophase,Metaphase and Anaphase.



Modern Precision will utilize particular data to help customers get the mold cost-effective proposal and details during the quotation stage. During this phase, our company will provide the primary design proposal including the mold frame,price and relevant suggestions and advice. Also, Our Company uses in-house design team and assists customers at each step to develop their mold ability to providethe customer with high quality designs and molds at a competitive price.



During the metaphase, Modern Precision will give customers detailed information, such as design proposal, mold-flow analysis, 2D & 3D assays drawing during the design stage. We can then use mold-flow to analyze potential mold problems and then to optimize the mold design.All of the documents and artworks related to the project are recorded, meanwhile we have a project management system to control the project process and we update it regularly to keep the customer posted on all developments. In addition our company has a self-developed Barcode management system to supervise the schedule of tooling with a view to making sure the tooling developments are followed-up and all rework can be promptly controlled.



Our company employs a professional injection molding team which can provide support on all aspects during the trial production phase including condition, effect and outcomes. After mold trial we provide the customer with a comprehensive mold review report. For quality inspection, our company has a professional QC team to control the various quality issues. Finally our company has invested in a flexible transportation chain which can supply very convenient transport servicesto meet specific logistical demands.

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