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How can Modern Precision become your reliable partner?

Supply chain reliability is the key to a successful business relationship.

Selecting the right suppliers can help your company meet and exceed regulatory standards, drive customer demand and enable you to build a strong brand reputation for producing quality products.

Modern Precision is the right choice for your supply chain. We are a Highly Reliable Organization (HRO). Reliability is the key advantage of Modern Precision.

Supply chain reliability requires not just a reliable manufacturing facility, but a reliable management and executive team, a reliable commercial organization, a reliable research and development department and areliable purchasing structure - an organization in which every facet is reliable.

We use 7 key points to ensure that every department has great communication and organization to ensure they function as one and are reliable. These stepsare what have enabled us to develop and become a Highly Reliable Organization (HRO).

Understanding customers is the key to giving them good service. To give good customer care you must deliver what you promise. But
great customer care involves getting to know your customers so well that you can anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations.

How do we Understand customer's requirements?

We investigate each individual customer’s needs by following the following three steps:

1.1, Quoting Element Sheet
Before giving a quote to the customer, we will ask customers to fill in a detailed requirement list, telling us exactly what they need. Based on their specific needs we will provide them with a corresponding, competitive price.

1.2, Preliminary Proposal
According to customer's drawings and requirements, we will start a "Product analysis" process to analyze and propose a competitive solution.

    Product PL line Analysis

    Plastic Thickness Analysis

Effective planning and scheduling ensures projects are
done in a timely manner. Our powerful Project Scheduling
(PS) system creates a detailed plan of all
scheduled work; an individual is able to keep track of what
needs to be done and ensure all required duties are
performed. Without the effective planning and
scheduling of daily activities, it can be easy to spend too
much time on a specific project, which may cause other
projects to be ignored or take longer than expected.
Too know how we make the planning & scheduling click here>>


Execution is the key to success. Two key elements ensure Modern precision puts the plan into action more quickly and efficiently than our competitors.

3.1.Our Project Schedule (PS) system assigns tasks and ensures timely execution and resultant high quality workmanship.

Our Project Schedule (PS) system involves breaking down the project to clearly defined, simpler tasks. This is also known as the "work breakdown structure". This structure allows the team members to understand a complex project in terms of simple, achievable tasks. PS also involves assigning these tasks to the relevant personnel and establishing the time, machine and other resource constraints for each task. Specific people are assigned to each task with time, machine and quality constraints.

All team members just need to accept their PS assignment and finish their individual task; then the system will automatically complete this stage within the broader framework of the overall production plan.

3.2, Superior Machines & Equipment

Our state of the art machinery can handle all of your machining needs. Ensuring Quality and Excellence in execution.

4.1, PS
Monitoring and tracking is an important function of our Project Schedule (PS) system. Once the team is executing the work according to the project plan, the PS and project manager will always be diligent in monitoring and tracking the work that is being performed.
This is done in order to:
Ensure the team is working on the correct activities
Ensure the team is on-schedule
Ensure the team is on-budget
Ensure the quality of the work is acceptable
Ensure project control activities can be performed if deviations from the plan are identified

Project monitoring is a process. It needs to be done constantly and consistently. PS Sets the pattern at the outset of projects. It plans how we will monitor progress right along with how we will accomplish the work. PS sets the process in motion and keeps it moving from the beginning until completion.


PS help project managers gather information, then compare and analyze what they have gathered and make an assessment of where we stand in each area.

4.2, Barcodes
Modern precision uses Barcodes to track parts through different stages of the Manufacturing process.
Tracking equipment that is dispatched to different work tasks: When machinery or parts should be moved among work sites, barcode information can identify which equipment can be moved with the least downtime.
Following part movement among production lines and at delivery points: PS uses Barcodes to track movement along complex production lines, so that exact locations can be pinpointed rapidly and accurately. This system provides every supervisor and machine operator with a real time prioritized schedule for each machine and work center down to the specific work order and machine operation. This level of control not only assures on time delivery to customers, but allows detailed cost information for every part.
Customers can easily track the work states just like they track a DHL parcel. Everything is under control and traceable. Ensuring we offer world-class quality, excellent service and really on time delivery to our customer without failure!

4.3, QC Report

QC report collected data and information is effectively managed to ensure the reliability of the machined part. Quality Control (QC) is the process of verifying that the project is built to plan and that the dimensions meet the customer quality requirements.
We manage the quality of tooling and goods in our advanced measurement facility, under the advanced and complete quality control system, employing the latest scientific methods of quality control. A QC plan is made when the tooling or goods are launched. It will always monitor every stage of the production course. 100% dimensional detailed inspection throughout the mold build process and the injection molding procedure ensures accuracy and reliability.
Inspection processes make use of a co-ordinate measurement machine and/or video microscope. Inspection reports are supplied to customers along with the corresponding samples.

Typical QC report we make:1. Control Plan 2. GR&R 3.Cpk ,Cmk& PPK 4. FAI 5. Comprehensive Corrective Action/Preventive Action (CAPA)

Just as tracking and monitoring are critical to controlling a project, so too is reviewing. Regular project reviews are both part of our good project management practice (i.e. tracking project progress and maintaining clear, open communication lines amongst project team members), and good people management practice (offering feedback, support, and discussion to seek solutions).
Reviewing helpsus find out which areas need improvement, what the team did well and how to do a better job next time. By making an honest reflection of the past procedures ensureswe can alter and improve in a short time period with a view to constant future improvements.

We usually do the following reviews once a week for all running and finished projects:

5.1, Engineering Meeting

The Engineering Meeting is an open communication forum where we seek feedback and solutions. We discuss potential or actual problematic issues before they progress further whilst checking progress towards project objectives / milestones.

5.2, PS Improvement Meeting

Reviewing and improvement is a necessary must for excellent software. We do it regularly for our PS system during our PS improvement meeting.

Reviews help us greatly in identifying the needs of our company and a main aim is to improve our PS system to make tasks easier, thus productivity is maximized in the least possible time. Continuous reviews and improvement ensure our PS Software Reliability for operational excellence and improved performance.

Continuous improvement is an ongoing effort aimed at improving the current manufacturing process used to provide better services to consumers.
We constantly improve our competitive position by improving quality, efficiency, innovation, or any other component that is vital to the system.

6.1, Optimizing our PS

We continue optimizing our PS system to ensure its reliability for operation and performance.
To prioritize the problematic issues that need further analysis we organize the following meetings to identify the root causes and implement suitable solutions.

6.2, Improving products with summary from our engineering meeting.

6.3, Improving products using a summary from our customer feedback meeting.

When the customer part or requirements are new, doesn't have existing solution. We start innovation process.
Modern precision utilizing the innovative technologies needed to fulfill the requirements of our customers. No matter how complex the endeavor, our dedicated members strive to produce a product that fits your needs. Add value and improve quality for your product.

7.1, Innovation Mold example

A.No Closing Line

B.2-times insert molding

C. Double threaded

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